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basely Meaning in Bengali

basely's Usage Examples:

enemies on the level of nations or states; when an enemy was considered basely inferior (e.

letter to the Earl of Leicester which includes "My Lorde Stafford's son is basely married to his mother's chambermaid.

irregularly sprinkled over the wing with a first and second discal spot basely emphasized.

" His only offense for which he was so basely assassinated, was his defense of the South in conversation.

At the end of the voyage, Poole was reportedly "miserably and basely murdered" between Ratcliff and London.

"having knowingly aided the intentional, unlawful, cruel, insidious, and basely motivated killing of human beings".

not reason then to bee ashamed, and to forbeare this filthie noveltie, so basely grounded, so foolishly received and so grossely mistaken in the right use.

Following this episode he remembers Cyrene and the fisherman, where the wife basely deserted her husband and children to swim once more in her seal skin that.

declared between enemies on the level of states, when an enemy was considered basely inferior (slaves, pirates), and when the general conflict was resolved with.

serpent was, as I may well term it, ashamed, that he was so disgraciously and basely put down, for well may I say that he was ashamed, who never after troubled.

of retreat was known to Einion Bishop of Bangor and Gronw ab Dafydd, who basely betrayed him.


scurvily; meanly;

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