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basted Meaning in Bengali

 আছড়ান, যষ্টি দ্বারা আঘাত করা, যষ্টি দ্বারা প্রহার করা, অল্প ফোঁড় দিয়া সেলাই করা,


অল্প ফোঁড় দিয়া সেলাই করা, যষ্টি দ্বারা প্রহার করা, যষ্টি দ্বারা আঘাত করা, আছড়ান,

basted শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

নেয়ার আগে প্রয়োজনে একটি সিমেন্ট দ্বারা বাধান স্থান অথবা কাঠের উপরে কাপড় আছড়ান হয় ।

basted's Usage Examples:

cooking an egg over easy (this is occasionally called sunny side down or basted).

Once rolled, the Bacon Explosion is cooked (either smoked or baked), basted, cut, and served.

pepper, coconut vinegar and annatto, then grilled over hot coals while basted with the marinade.

The meat is "auto-basted" when the air trapped inside the bag reaches the point of its maximum possible.

​Brand labels are also loosely basted on the outer edges of the sleeves of outfits as well as women's winter coats.

It is roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter, until its surface cooks to a golden-brown color.

The layers were then basted together.

The pattern was then laid over with a gimp which was basted down through the pattern and layers of.

Both types may be marinated before cooking and may also be basted while cooking.

One or both sides are then basted with melted butter or a mixture of melted butter and water and then stacked.

While the meat is gently cooked over light to medium heat, it is basted after every turn with the marinade or with beer, sprayed directly from a.

Once seam allowances are pinned or basted, they are often pressed flat with an iron before sewing the final seam.

Chimichurri may be basted or spooned onto meat as it cooks, or onto the cooked surface of meat as.

The soles of the feet were basted with lard or oil and slowly barbecued over a brazier of burning coals.

The meat may be marinated or rubbed with spices before cooking, basted with a sauce or oil before, during or after cooking, or any combination.

The finished motifs are then basted (sewn with a loose stitch for temporary tacking) onto a cloth in the shape.


moisten; dampen; wash; cook;


stand still; refresh; lose; lower; detach;

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