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bated Meaning in Bengali

 কমান, দুর্বল হত্তয়া, ক্ষীণ হত্তয়া, শক্তিহীন হত্তয়া, কমজোর হত্তয়া,

bated's Usage Examples:

Bated breath or with bated breath is a phrase meaning to hold one's breath in anticipation or trepidation.

Bated breath, with bated breath, or other variants.

tiger prowls around in the house, the two can do nothing but wait with bated breath for the nightmarish situation to end.

It was the intoxicating mix of stories that readers waited with bated breath, particularly for the next serialization of a novel by Bankim.

) bandy, as in "bandy about" or "bandy-legged" bated, as in "wait with bated breath", although the derived term "abate" remains in nonidiom-specific.

Snells, bated with flies or spoons are placed at intervals along the line.

For "beated" in line 10, Edmond Malone suggested "bated," and George Steevens "blasted.

or obscure word with a more common or modern word ("baited breath" for "bated breath").

"Fans wait with bated breath for latest offering from M.

abate 'decrease, moderate', with bate now confined to the locution with bated breath 'with breath held back'.


reduced; decreased;


accrued; high; increased;

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