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bookstalls Meaning in Bengali


পুস্তক-বিক্রয়ের দোকান,

bookstalls's Usage Examples:

Peirene is also known for its regular literary salons, and for its pop-up bookstalls outside supermarkets and at farmers markets.

One reviewer stated that the print had "turned railway bookstalls into wayside shrines.

every Friday (officially published on Friday, but usually sold in various bookstalls and convenience stores on Thursday, depending on area) and priced at HK"12.

is enjoying sole selling rights for running bookstalls at platforms on which this company had been running the same till 01.

As she does not, like her fair comrades, still flutter about the bookstalls among the half-remembered all-unread, and as no lettered contemporary.

He was said to have studied by standing at bookstalls, and had a superb memory, which allowed him to become very well-versed.

illustrated, published and printed in Australia, and sold to commuters at bookstalls in railway stations and elsewhere in New South Wales.

and not turn them adrift in the world to find a dusty asylum in cheap bookstalls.

The Victorian Railways' bookstalls were the only newsagent chain large enough to stand up to the HWT and.

corrupted by a torrent of indecent coloured magazines that are flooding bookstalls and newsagents.

a half-mile of bookshops and bookstalls spilling over onto the pavement, carrying first editions, pamphlets, paperbacks.

He ran two bookstalls in Ernakulam; Circle Bookhouse and later, Basheer's Bookstall.

business expanded throughout Scotland, with High Street and railway station bookstalls opening in every part of the mainland.

reached the bookstalls" in the city.

Smith agreed to distribute the paper in its London bookstalls.

In April the following year, a revised version of the Eagle hit the bookstalls.

Next month, for the first time since the magazine appeared on the bookstalls, we are changing our cover title panel.


bookstore; bookshop; store; shop;


non-volatile storage; nonvolatile storage; software; sell; boycott;

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