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bookwork Meaning in Bengali

bookwork's Usage Examples:

of the exhibition was a 5m long, concertina bookwork created by Tim Lane.

The publication of the bookwork was made possible due to the support of over.

She spent her life producing bookwork, calligraphy, and decorative designs from the 1920s until her death.

In 2004 Shrigley founded the artists’ bookwork project Marmalade, Publishers of Visual Theory, which in 2007 expanded.

examination pattern of bookwork (mostly memorised theorems) plus rider (problems to solve, testing comprehension of the bookwork) was introduced.

In 2009, artist Garnet Hertz published a bookwork project titled "A Collection of Many Problems (In Memory of the Dead Media.

possible and the bookwork that collates the proposals allows the reader to curate their own show, and because of its size and scale the bookwork allows an individual.

Kneass also worked as an engraver of plates for bookwork.

This includes presentation of bookwork and artwork.

She keeps records, chronicles events, and performs various other bookwork-related duties for the gods.

Thirdly, substantial bookwork is required by the umpires and officials to determine the revised target.

a collaborative bookwork titled Jamelie-Jamila Project with Jamila Ismail in 1992.

the green fairy story book (bookwork with table, 2010) is influenced by Dhaliwal's love of colour which she.

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