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challengingly Meaning in Bengali

challengingly's Usage Examples:

A challengingly explicit delve into the female body (often quite literally), it's a.

Thanet Sand requires a high boring torque, is highly abrasive and, most challengingly, sufficiently permeable to contain a water table continuous with the.

The site's consensus reads: "Though challengingly cryptic at times, Code Unknown still manages to resonate.

Gamezebo called it "A brilliantly simple yet challengingly in-depth twist on classic Sudoku.

Within each image an open invitation is challengingly presented to the percipient.

also praised both Lodge's "transformative performance" and Sánchez's "challengingly ambiguous" tone, while Toronto.

The baby, who looks challengingly out at the viewer, occupies a central position in the composition.

More challengingly, attempts have also been made to classify all the magic squares of a.

McKisco turned challengingly to Rosemary, "Antheil and Joyce.

More challengingly for the production team, some significant but unforeseen events require.

accomplish numerous goals from the most fundamentally simple to the most challengingly complex.

interview to Sakshi Newspaper told that he wrote Aaradugula Bullet song challengingly as Trivikram asked him to write a song which satisfies both Hero's introduction.

Carter and Pollard were the masters of a steely innocence such as could challengingly tighten the net upon the most proper sort of prey: a man of great power.

It maintained Gentle Giant's distinctively broad and challengingly integrated style, one of the highlights being the intricate madrigal-styled.

child with Down syndrome may be treated more protectively and less challengingly than a non-Down child.

  His stories, while often challengingly long, were deftly enlivened with humour.

In response to that surprise, April challengingly asked him the following question: You don't like what you see? His reply.

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