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He conceived the idea of allowing cross-platform play between compatibly designed games for Nintendo and Sega systems.

mathematics, given a group G, a G-module is an abelian group M on which G acts compatibly with the abelian group structure on M.

of the lower court and remands the case for retrial in a lower court compatibly with the decision of the Supreme Court.

Progress Administration project, and other renovation was done in the 1970s, compatibly with the original design.

The trailer is meant to be paired with a compatibly designed tractor unit leading to greater fuel efficiency of the tractor-trailer.

architecture as a work of the Office of Indian Affairs, and was expanded, compatibly with the Colonial Revival style, in 1929.

This division persisted and the two princes seemed to rule compatibly until Mstislav died in 1036, after which Yaroslav became sole ruler over.

and defend a philosophy which is ontically economical, synoptic, and compatibly continuous with established results in the natural sciences".

" The listing included a second contributing building, which is a compatibly-designed garage, and two contributing structures.

Victorian four-story building Main Mall, 835 Main, a modern building designed compatibly which holds about 35 businesses, which replaced several buildings destroyed.

The House of Lords held they could interpret the Act compatibly with the right to equal treatment and one's home, by reading the Rent.

A compatibly styled garage addition was built at the northeast corner of the building.

Tamworths graze compatibly with cattle, being able to retrieve forage that cattle leave behind in.

as a blow to the Gephardt campaign, which had expected to pick up the compatibly pro-union Kucinich supporters in such circumstances.

it was not clear and prospective, and could not therefore be adopted compatibly with the democratic nature of the union.

label its vertices with vector spaces and its edges (and hence paths) compatibly with linear transformations between them, and transform via natural transformations.

homomorphism of the original group into another complex Lie group extends compatibly to a complex analytic homomorphism between the complex Lie groups.

under the Human Rights Act a body of this nature is required to act compatibly with Convention rights in everything it does.

The valuation v can be extended to D, for example by extending it compatibly to each commutative subfield of D: the value group of this valuation is.

realized that aspects of their musical attitudes could not only work compatibly with each other but could also result in an entirely different kind of.

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