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contortionist Meaning in Bengali

 কনটর্শানিস্ট, বিভঙ্গবিনোদক,



contortionist's Usage Examples:

(sometimes contortionism) is a performance art in which performers called contortionists showcase their skills of extreme physical flexibility.

Doug Jones (born May 24, 1960) is an American actor, contortionist and mime artist.

street dance from Brooklyn, New York that is characterized by rhythmic contortionist perform shirtless and incorporate hat tricks in their performance for.

5 seconds, consists of a contortionist act.

The first episode aired on March 24, 2010, and included a contortionist, a blind man who uses echolocation, microscopic art by Willard Wigan.

Bonnie Patricia Morgan is a female contortionist and actress.

Although a master contortionist, Copperhead was largely powerless without his snake-skin costume.

Smith, also known as The Rubberboy (born May 8, 1979), is an American contortionist, actor, television host, comedian, sports entertainer, and stuntman.

French circus performer, contortionist, acrobat, actress, theatre director, and choreographer.

She started as a contortionist street performer as a child.

side-show barker, Merkel found work in a small local carnival as a contortionist and eccentric dancer.



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