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contorts Meaning in Bengali


মোচড়াইয়া দেত্তয়া, মুচড়ান, আকুঁচিত করা,

contorts's Usage Examples:

depicts lead singer Phil Alvin in what was later described as "the way he contorts his face between almost every verse in his trademark grinning-skull grimace.

" She contorts traditional ceramic forms before adding layer upon layer of glaze, even.

Happily, Violet works out what she can do, and on the day contorts herself into the shape of a love heart, much to the delight of her mother.

"Scandal contorts future of John Friend, Anusara yoga".

The bagworm wriggles and contorts within the bag to avoid attack, but as a rule the female wasp succeeds.

bowing and kissing Mephistopheles' hand, one of them begins screaming and contorts his body, symbolizing demonic possession.

On the left, Laocoön's standing son contorts in pain, writhing as a serpent swoops in towards his abdomen.

hear two apparently different voices talking, Dan changes clothes and contorts his body, with his arms and legs at extreme angles, then making his way.

A rag doll (representing Pink) violently contorts into an array of objects relating to the materialistic and troubled nature.

" The track heavily features vocal manipulation; Blake "twists and contorts his voice like an instrument" creating "high-pitched flutters forming a.

"it's always open," Rachel scales the well's walls, pursued by Samara, who contorts her body to follow her.

kind of cancan in which, according to one reviewer, "she turns, twists, contorts, revolutionizes, and disports her lithe and muscular figure into a hundred.

triggers an escape reflex in the fish called the C-start, in which the fish contorts its body into a "C" shape.

" As a nude Amy Gilson contorts her body, a rippling growth appears across the screen before breaking apart.


twist; distort; morph; wring; wrench; deform; twine;


unknot; disentangle; unweave; unsnarl; untwist;

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