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contraction Meaning in Bengali

 সঙ্কোচন, সংক্ষিপ্ত শব্দ


রোগাক্রমণ, সঙ্কোচ, সঙ্কোচন, সংকোচন, টান, সংহার, তঁচন, কুঁচন, আকুঁচন, হ্রাসপ্রাপ্তি,

contraction শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

একটি আবদ্ধ-খিলান সেতুতে ব্যবহৃত পদ্ধতির মতো, যেখানে খিলানের সদস্য সংকোচন ডেকে টান দিয়ে ভারসাম্যপূর্ণ ।

দ্বিতীয় রাউন্ডে পদ্ধতির সঙ্কোচন ঘটানো হয়, বোনাস পয়েন্টের ব্যবস্থা রাখা হয় ও নক-আউট ফাইনাল হয় ।

ত্বক ০.৫ মিমি পুরু হয়, এবং প্রথম পক্বতা লক্ষণ যেমন "বার্ধক্যের ফলে চোখের কুঁচন" , বলিরেখা দেখাতে শুরু করে ।

রোগটির এই প্রাথমিক লক্ষণের কারণ টিটানোস্পাসমিন নামের একধরনের নিউরোটক্সিন ।

বছরগুলোয় এ পদ্ধতি পরীক্ষামূলকভাবে প্রয়োগ ঘটানো হয় ।

contraction's Usage Examples:

Muscle contraction is the activation of tension-generating sites within muscle cells.

In physiology, muscle contraction does not necessarily mean muscle.

Length contraction is the phenomenon that a moving object's length is measured to be shorter than its proper length, which is the length as measured in.

In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity.

functional, contractile units of the muscle fiber necessary for muscle contraction.

muscle in terms of structure, function, regulation of contraction, and excitation-contraction coupling.

myofilaments of actin and myosin that slide past one another, producing a contraction that changes both the length and the shape of the cell.

A contraction is a shortened version of the spoken and written forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by omission of internal letters and sounds.

" Also factoring into the contraction plan was the two teams' inability to fund the construction of new ballparks.

and refills with blood, called diastole, following a period of robust contraction and pumping of blood, dubbed systole.

Braxton Hicks contractions, also known as practice contractions, are sporadic uterine contractions that may start around six weeks into a pregnancy.

A premature ventricular contraction (PVC) is a relatively common event where the heartbeat is initiated by Purkinje fibers in the ventricles rather than.

The ventricles now perform systole isovolumetrically, which is contraction while all valves are closed—ending the first stage of systole.

this is usually called negative thermal expansion, rather than "thermal contraction".

Graham technique is based on the opposition between contraction and release, a concept based on the breathing cycle which has become.

Peristalsis is a radially symmetrical contraction and relaxation (which is expansion) of muscles that propagates in a wave down a tube, in an anterograde.

sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow organ such as the bladder.

A spasmodic muscle contraction may be caused by many.

transmits signals generated usually by the sinoatrial node to cause contraction of the heart muscle.

Premature atrial contractions (PACs), also known as atrial premature complexes (APC) or atrial premature beats (APB), are a common cardiac dysrhythmia.

A uterine contraction is a muscle contraction of the uterine smooth muscle.


vaginismus; shortening; Braxton-Hicks contraction; tetanus; muscle contraction; uterine contraction; contracture; muscular contraction; false labor;


stretch; strengthen; accelerate; lengthen; inflate;

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