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convulsively's Usage Examples:

although the plot "lacks both interest and variety", Edward Terry was "convulsively funny" as Pygmalion.

Italy, a woman was bitten by a tarantula, the venom making her dance convulsively.

And yet, how convulsively his mere appearance affected them! How boisterous was the applause which.

Whenever addressed, he wriggled convulsively, and his lips, which were three times too large for him, and had been.

While uttering this sound, the bird's head is thrown convulsively upward and then forward, and the sound is repeated up to seven times.

Ben Brantley in The New York Times called it a "smart, silly and often convulsively funny thesis, performed by a motor-mouthed cast that is fluent in many.

Sumner stumbled and reeled convulsively, "Oh Lord," he gasped "Oh! Oh!" Near the end of the attack, Sumner collapsed.

The snake is described as "irascible", hissing violently and twisting convulsively if molested.

As the verdict was read, Patrick Staunton "twitched convulsively" while Louis Staunton "stared fixedly" and appeared "completely dazed".

And calls convulsively with bursting tears; Then calls again; and then in the open air Rushes.

the main character of this intricate novel in which East and West meet convulsively and with mutual puzzlement.

the Emperor's death and, when he saw the body of his old friend, wept convulsively.

minute, the fish gill movement slows down too much, and the fish strives convulsively to breathe faster but cannot.

(echoing, perhaps, Zosima's last earthly act before his death) and cries convulsively.

and impressive rare photo of Botto's last moments: his wife, crying convulsively, clinching the badly shaven and shabbily dressed corpse of the poet.

Bewstridge can finally concentrate, but swings convulsively at Vera's unexpected voice.

She resumed reading when, a few seconds later, Harding twisted convulsively and collapsed back in the bed, gasping.

smoking marijuana and stating that he was with Holloway when she began convulsively shaking, then became unresponsive.

The eye's activity is convulsively divided.

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