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সহযোগী করা, সহযোগিতা করা, সহকর্মী করা, সহকারিত্ব করা, সহকর্মী হত্তয়া,

cooperating's Usage Examples:

As betraying a partner offers a greater reward than cooperating with them, all purely rational self-interested prisoners will betray.

"administrating carrier") while seats are sold for the flight by all cooperating airlines using their own designator and flight number.

In 2009 it was announced that they would be cooperating with a new airline called I-Fly The airline ceased all operations in.

in which they tend to match their own behaviors to those displayed by cooperating or competing group members.

province Friesland, owning 42 of the 124 windmills in Friesland and closely cooperating with the Gild Fryske Mounders with whom it publishes a quarterly magazine.

Xenomai is a real-time development framework cooperating with the Linux kernel to provide pervasive, interface-agnostic, hard real-time support to user.

The MCB has members from each of the cooperating ISS partner organizations: NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, the European Space.

League of Athletics (French: Ligue Belge Francophone d'Atléthisme), cooperating for organising the national championships and for participation in international.

Ukraine and Pakistan have been cooperating with each other in educational sectors as well as cultural exchanges.

charges for failing to report a match-fixing attempt in 2015 and for not cooperating with the subsequent investigation.

The coalition has accused the Nour Party of cooperating with NDP-era tycoon Ahmed Ezz in the run up to the 2015 Egyptian parliamentary.

company is also engaged in fuel retail activities in north-west Russia by cooperating with the Petersburg Fuel Company.


work; get together; collaborate; join forces; go along; play along;


divide; refrain; discontinue; recede; idle;

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