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creamier Meaning in Bengali

 সরসদৃশ, সরময়,


সরময়, সরসদৃশ,

creamier's Usage Examples:

American pralines, a softer, creamier combination of syrup and pecans, hazelnuts or almonds with milk or cream.

Manouri is creamier than feta, because of the addition of cream to the whey.

Highland Shan rice, similar to Japanese rice, is used alongside the creamier Shan potatoes, giving the dish a very rich texture.

coarse to smooth, it is always different from that of ice cream, which is creamier, and from that of sorbet, which is more compact; this makes granita distinct.

Simply Smart, who tout its higher protein content, lower sugar content, and creamier taste.

Kulfi is similar to ice cream in appearance and taste but denser and creamier.

temperature allows the starch in the potato to cook more completely, giving a creamier texture.

Coconut milk may also be used to give the dough a creamier flavor.

(specifically cocoa butter, chocolate and lactose) in order to give a creamier flavor.

tradition of Stilton cheese (it was produced in a Stilton dairy) but with a creamier consistency especially when the cheese was allowed to mature.

Wheels of Pierre Robert are physically smaller due to loss of moisture, yet creamier than the regular-aged Brillat Savarin.

small amount of coffee (some like to mix in a splash of cream to make them creamier and softer), which is mixed to a compact mass.

Also, curds containing butter have a smoother and creamier texture than both pie fillings and custards, which contain little or no.

pink-orange in appearance than gazpacho, and is also much thicker and creamier in texture, because it includes more olive oil and bread and this is of.

The Scharfe Maxx tastes similar to an Appenzeller, but is creamier and more piquant.

The hindwings are brownish, but creamier basally.

Straining makes even nonfat varieties thicker, richer, and creamier than unstrained.

Meanwhile, overripe Brie may be creamier and almost runny.

The hindwings are pale brownish, but creamier basally.

It is slightly sour but sharper than Stilton and generally creamier.




uncolored; achromatic;

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