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creamiest Meaning in Bengali


সরময়, সরসদৃশ,

creamiest's Usage Examples:

1st verse The creamiest dreamiest soft ice cream, You get from Mister Softee For a refreshing.

most fitting genre affectations: find a smooth piano intro out of the creamiest R'B slow jam here, an exotic little flamenco twist there, and a vocal.

Ross Grady from The Rice Thresher said it is "one of the creamiest slabs of vinyl ever to come from the house music scene.

As Fiordiligi, Kiri Te Kanawa was "magnificent", singing "in her best, creamiest voice".

desserts - îles flottantes - where delicately poached meringues drift on the creamiest vanilla custard.

The underparts are a creamy white and appear their creamiest in the upper breast.

manufacturers produce molded cheeses that span the range from the mildest and creamiest to the intense blue-veined cheese internationally associated with Denmark.

Emma's effort was deemed the best overall; with the creamiest custard, the flakiest pastry and the best salad, she was the first pronounced.




uncolored; achromatic;

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