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especially the sago cycad, Cycas revoluta.

The sago cycad is also commonly known as the sago palm, although this is a misnomer as cycads are not palms.

the leaf of a cycad.

This opinion was followed by Doludenko and colleagues in 1990, who noted that it was similar to the leaves of the cycad species Paracycas.

The site contained hundreds of fossil cycads, one.

Cycas revoluta (Sotetsu [Japanese ソテツ], sago palm, king sago, sago cycad, Japanese sago palm), is a species of gymnosperm in the family Cycadaceae, native.

Cycas circinalis, a species endemic to India, was the first cycad species to be described in western literature, and was the type of the generic.

pollen of cycads and Myrtaceae, Meliaceae, Cunoniaceae and Elaeocarpaceae angiosperms.

Metacucujus and Paracucujus act as pollinators for cycads Encephalartos.

Luthrodes pandava (formerly Chilades pandava), the plains Cupid or cycad blue, is a species of lycaenid butterfly found in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,.

of a large species of cycad in Ongoye Forest in 1895.

This cycad was subsequently named in honour of him in 1908 as Wood's Cycad (Encephalartos woodii).

Encephalartos altensteinii is a palm-like cycad in the family Zamiaceae.

be "true palms" in the family Arecaceae, or cycads with a palm-like appearance.

Sago produced from cycads must be detoxified before consumption.

Zamia is a genus of cycad of the family Zamiaceae, native to Mexico, the West Indies, and Central and South America as far south as Bolivia.

(Purpus' cycad).

Other common names include the cycad scale, the sago palm scale, and the Asian cycad scale.

This is a serious pest of cycads which can.

Dioon purpusii (Purpus' cycad) is a cycad tree endemic to a very small region in Mexico (Oaxaca, Puebla).

Encephalartos natalensis, the Natal cycad or giant cycad, is a species of cycad that is endemic to the Qumbu and Tabankulu areas of the northern part.

Cycas circinalis, also known as the queen sago, is a species of cycad known in the wild only from southern India.

Cycas beddomei is a species of cycad in the genus Cycas, native to India, where it is confined to a small area of Andhra Pradesh state in the Tirumala.

They are sometimes known as "cycad weevils", but this properly refers to a few species from the genera Parallocorynus.

It is a form taxon for leaves that resemble the extant cycad Zamia.


Macrozamia spiralis; burrawong; ceratozamia; Macrozamia communis; Encephalartos caffer; zamia; gymnosperm; dioon; kaffir bread; encephalartos; macrozamia; Cycas revoluta; sago palm;

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