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Acrogymnospermae, are a group of seed-producing plants that includes conifers, cycads, Ginkgo, and gnetophytes.

The Zamiaceae are a family of cycads that are superficially palm or fern-like.

pollen of cycads and Myrtaceae, Meliaceae, Cunoniaceae and Elaeocarpaceae angiosperms.

Metacucujus and Paracucujus act as pollinators for cycads Encephalartos.

misnomer as cycads are not palms.

Extracting edible starch from the sago cycad requires special care due to the poisonous nature of cycads.

related to other genera of cycads, and phylogenetic studies have shown that Cycadaceae is the sister-group to all other extant cycads.

may have been a shift from microfungal, spore-feeding (on strobili and cycads) and saprotrophic habits.

The closest living relatives of the clade are the cycads, which share with the extant G.

anatomical features more reminiscent of the modern-day seed plants, the cycads.

angiosperm dicotyledon stem: examples of this include palms, ferns, and cycads.

Extinct genus of cycads.

gymnosperms, plants that have unenclosed, "naked seeds": Cycadophyta, the cycads, a subtropical and tropical group of plants, Ginkgophyta, which includes.

morphologically nearly indistinguishable from that of cycads, but Bennettitales are distinguished from cycads by complex flower-like reproductive organs, at.

The site contained hundreds of fossil cycads, one of the world's greatest concentrations.

of cycads from South Africa and from other parts of the world.

In 1992 and 1993 the cycads were.

two microsporangia Pollen strobili of Pinophyta are similar to those of cycads (although much smaller) and Ginkgoes in that they are composed of microsporophylls.

The largest collection of cycads in the country is found in Lowveld, as well as a gene bank for such plants.

author of more than 350 papers describing new species of orchids, 18 of cycads, as well as of other groups including the fern genus Revwattsia, and has.


Macrozamia spiralis; burrawong; ceratozamia; Macrozamia communis; Encephalartos caffer; zamia; gymnosperm; dioon; kaffir bread; encephalartos; macrozamia; Cycas revoluta; sago palm;

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