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debugs Meaning in Bengali


ডেবাগ্ করা,

debugs's Usage Examples:

He debuted as a developer for SNK, doing debugs of certain game while being a major planner in Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

discs from other regions (one notable exception being the later NTSC:J debugs, which only boot Japanese titles), although this was not officially supported.

Electric Fence is such a debugger which debugs memory allocation with malloc.

It debugs and programs PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers in conjunction with the MPLAB.

Intel Inspector detects and debugs races, deadlocks and memory errors.

was paramount for linking vulnerability databases so critical patches and debugs can be shared to inhibit hackers from accessing sensitive information on.

"LibreOffice debugs and buffs up to v.

At the abandoned gas station, Church debugs Freckles' memory chip so the mercenaries won't find the Reds and Blues anymore.


correct; rectify; right;


incorrect; incorrectness; wrong; falsify;

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