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Old Ground 11–13 July: Surrey v All-England @ Holt Pound, Farnham 1808 debutants included: William Ashby (Kent) Benjamin Aislabie (MCC) Douglas Kinnaird.

1803 debutants included: Thomas Howard (Hampshire) Goddard (Hampshire) John Pointer (Hampshire).

Dartford 25–28 August: Hampshire v All-England @ Itchin Stoke Down 1806 debutants included: John Willes (Kent) Richard Leigh (Surrey; amateur) Note that.

Lord's Old Ground 23–24 July: MCC v All-England @ Lord's Old Ground 1804 debutants included: Richard Beckett (MCC; amateur) Samuel Bridger (Surrey) Felix.

1801 debutants included: Henry Burrows William Lambert Thomas Onslow Bowen R (1970) Cricket:.

— Captain Blagrave's XI v Colonel Byng's XI @ Lord's Old Ground 1810 debutants included: William Ward (MCC) John Bowyer (Surrey) James Sherman (Surrey).

Lord's Old Ground 13 July: All-England v Surrey @ Lord's Old Ground 1807 debutants included: John Bentley (Middlesex) Noah Mann junior (MCC) Note that scorecards.

Essex 23 September: Kent v Bexley at Judge's Ground, Maidstone 1805 debutants included: Windebank (Hampshire) Note that scorecards created in the first.

September — Lord F Beauclerk's XI v FC Ladbroke's XI @ Lord's Old Ground 1809 debutants included: Edmund Carter (MCC) John Sherman (Surrey) Note that scorecards.

First-class debutants in 1945 included Trevor Bailey and three other future England Test players:.

Among the first-class debutants in 1939 were future England players Alec Bedser, Godfrey Evans, Cliff.

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