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decanters Meaning in Bengali

 সুরাপাত্র, বোতল,


বোতল, সুরাপাত্র,

decanters শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

চিনের সুরাপাত্র,খ্রিস্টপূর্ব ১১০০ ।

প্রতীক: আঙুরলতা, আইভিলতা, সুরাপাত্র, ব্রাঘ্র, প্যান্থার, চিতা, ডলফিন, ছাগ ও পাইনফল ।

decanters's Usage Examples:

In addition to drinking glasses, Edinburgh Crystal made decanters, bowls, baskets, and bells, in several ranges.

has produced a series of decanters which are sought after by collectors.

Produced between 1968 and 1987, at least 175 decanters were released in collections.

using adapted two-phase decanters.

The two-and-a-half-phase oil decanter is a compromise between the two previous types of decanters.

Cruets also serve as decanters for lemon juice and other oils.

Estate (43% ABV) The Master Decanter Series (Bottled in Lalique crystal decanters) Reflexion (43% ABV) No.

Leaded crystal wineglasses and decanters are generally not considered to pose a significant health risk, provided.

A Tantalus is a small wooden cabinet containing two or three decanters.

made using cut glass: firstly drinking glasses and their accompanying decanters and jugs, and secondly chandeliers and other light fittings.

stoppers simultaneously and pass the decanters in a clockwise direction/to the left.

Wine stewards are to follow the decanters round the table with a jug of.

were produced in opaline glass, including vases, bowls, cups, coupes, decanters, perfume bottles, boxes, clocks and other implements.

walls; he designed the furniture and the candlesticks, the silver and the decanters for the table; he was as ready to produce a snuff-box as a watch case.

high-quality glass accessories or liquid vessels such as jugs, vases, carafes, decanters and chalices as well as stemware and tumblers for serving spirits.

office in Oelde, Westphalia is a German manufacturer of separators and decanters which is part of the GEA Group.

crystal decanters, served neat.

Metaxa AEN Cask No 2: In 2018, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the company, Metaxa released 130 decanters of blends.

Westfalia Separator makes decanters at its Niederahr works.

bearing designs include salt dishes, sugar bowls, creamers, celery stands, decanters, and drinking glasses.

submarine of World War II Tantalus (cabinet), a cabinet for displaying decanters but securing their contents Tantalus Media, an Australian video game development.

porcelain and also glass, who created gilt and enamelled objects such as decanters, drinking-glasses, perfume bottles and rosewater sprinklers, for a rococo.


bottle; carafe;

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