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decanter Meaning in Bengali

 মদ্য ঢালিবার পাত্র


বোতল, সুরাপাত্র,

decanter শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

চিনের সুরাপাত্র,খ্রিস্টপূর্ব ১১০০ ।

প্রতীক: আঙুরলতা, আইভিলতা, সুরাপাত্র, ব্রাঘ্র, প্যান্থার, চিতা, ডলফিন, ছাগ ও পাইনফল ।

decanter's Usage Examples:

A decanter is a vessel that is used to hold the decantation of a liquid (such as wine) which may contain sediment.

decanter – so that the wine in the decanter is sediment-free – or due to the shape of the decanter (flared bottom), which catches sediment.

are strained out, along with any sediment, when pouring the wine into a decanter.

The bottle shape has also been changed from a "decanter" style to a more traditional whiskey bottle shape.

using adapted two-phase decanters.

The two-and-a-half-phase oil decanter is a compromise between the two previous types of decanters.

A decanter centrifuge (also known as solid bowl centrifuge) separates continuously.

cognacs in an ornate decanter.

While originally designated "Grande Champagne Very Old – Age Unknown," this particular blend and its decanter later became known.

Rare Cask (43% ABV) Estate (43% ABV) The Master Decanter Series (Bottled in Lalique crystal decanters) Reflexion (43% ABV) No.

may typically provide no printed menu, casual service, wine sold by the decanter rather than the bottle, and low prices, with an emphasis on a steady clientele.

Unlike the related decanter, carafes do not include stoppers.


bottle; carafe;

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