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decelerate Meaning in Bengali

 গতি হ্রাস করা, মন্দীভূত করা,


গতি হ্রাস করা,

decelerate শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

যে ফ্যাক্টর দ্বারা গতি হ্রাস করা হয় তাকে উপাদানের প্রতিসরণ সূচক বলা হয় ।

এদের অবতরণের সময় প্যারাশুট দ্বারা গতি হ্রাস করা হয়েছিল ।

decelerate's Usage Examples:

The ring was designed to decelerate and store antiprotons, to study the properties of antimatter and to create.

but driver Roy Eccles noticed the Pacer on the line and was able to decelerate to about 50 mph (80 km/h) at the time of impact.

providing thrust opposing the motion of a vehicle, thereby causing it to decelerate.

Collector (AC) was part of the antiparticle factory at CERN designed to decelerate and store antimatter, to study the properties of antimatter and to create.

It works by providing a space for the underbody airflow to decelerate and expand (in volume, as density is assumed to be constant at the speeds.

among themselves causes one planet to accelerate and another planet to decelerate along its orbit.

performance-oriented motorcycles to mitigate the effects of engine braking when riders decelerate.

AFT model assumes that the effect of a covariate is to accelerate or decelerate the life course of a disease by some constant.

A vessel with a VPP can accelerate faster from a standstill and can decelerate much more effectively, making stopping quicker and safer.

to prepare a handoff than with longer sprinters who are more prone to decelerate inconsistently as they finish their leg.

in the thin atmosphere, the capsule would have deployed a parachute to decelerate, followed by ARES release at altitude.

Valkyrie is theoretically able to accelerate to 92% the speed of light and decelerate afterward, carrying a small human crew to another star system.

If inbound ACDs of other trains read 'train parted', the trains decelerate until they have stopped to prevent dangerous side collisions that can.

Moon, then to place the lunar orbiter and lander into a lunar orbit, and decelerate moon-lander out onto its landing trajectory.

Bullets with a lower drag coefficient decelerate less rapidly.

band to kayak whilst performing; the guitarist is able to accelerate or decelerate time at will; and every drum in the drummer's kit begins to switch places.

achieving an appreciable percentage of the speed of light, and the goal is to decelerate at the same rate during the second half of the journey by reversing the.

On a slow outfield the ball decelerates significantly, making fielding easier and batting harder — in particular.

that reside near the shore, such as the tidepool sculpin that instead decelerate during prey capture.

that will, if not countered by some other force, cause the vehicle to decelerate.


fall; lessen; slow up; hold up; retard; slow down; diminish; slow; delay; decrease; detain;


strengthen; lengthen; rush; increase; accelerate;

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