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defiantly Meaning in Bengali


ক্ষোভের সঙ্গে,

defiantly's Usage Examples:

to one reviewer, the "real hero" is "his home town and its values", a "defiantly political" message.

barefooted and wearing civil rights badges, lowering their heads and each defiantly raising a black-gloved fist as the Star Spangled Banner was played.

from the Front, which depicts a group of captive Confederate soldiers defiantly regarding a Union officer.

the film focused on social activists in the 1970s and 1980s who fought defiantly against the British Colonial government for the rights of the Yau Ma Tei.

Skip rose defiantly to defend the ravages of the agents of the Vicar-General on behalf of.

He also joked in interviews that his mother defiantly chose to keep her maiden name, just like Eleanor Roosevelt.

hast thou heard the decree?" Conversely, the Irish-language name is used defiantly in a Jacobite poem written in the 1690s: "Who goes there" does not provoke.

white seats at the 1977 general election, with an advertising campaign defiantly proclaiming "if the rest of the world's settlement proposals for Rhodesia.

resisted this dissolution, cut off diplomatic relations with Senegal, and defiantly changed the name of their country to Mali.

He refused defiantly to confess to being a German spy in return for his life as the NKVD demanded.

common replacement of "definately" (misspelling of "definitely") with "defiantly", "DeMeco Ryans" with "Demerol" (in The New York Times), "Voldemort" with.

fry cook at the (fictional) fast food restaurant Burger World and once defiantly revealed that he is a fan of the rock band Bon Jovi to Butt-Head, who.

He was a modest, proud and defiantly loyal man.

an ISIS-affiliated account on encrypted chat service Telegram replied defiantly to Anonymous by providing instructions on how to respond to a potential.

Preston defiantly fielded Shaw anyway, and he kicked eight goals, and Preston won the match;.

The name of the club was chosen "half-ironically, half-defiantly," according to Peirce, as the group rejected the radical foundationalist.

Wochenspruch quoted Heinrich von Kleist as saying, "As long as a single enemy defiantly resists in Germany, my duty is hatred and my virtue revenge!" Austrian.

When he refused, ("If the Constitution goes, I go," he defiantly declared) the group, including Bainimarama, former Prime Minister and.

In August 1957 Beligammana defiantly voted against the government's Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act.

Maestro Chen's tenure, the Chicago Sinfonietta has become known for its "defiantly different outlook", is a model for innovative and collaborative programming.


contumaciously; rebelliously;

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