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defies Meaning in Bengali

 স্পর্ধা করা, দ্বন্দ্বে আহ্বান করা, কলা দেখান,


কলা দেখান, দ্বন্দ্বে আহ্বান করা, স্পর্ধা করা,

defies শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

তাল ঠুকে লাগা সাহসের সাথে কাজে নামা তাল ঠোকা আস্ফালন করা; আপরকে দ্বন্দ্বে আহ্বান করা; সগর্ব উক্তি তাল তোলা বায়না করা তাল পড়া পিঠে সশব্দ কিল পড়া তাল ।

defies's Usage Examples:

Wave or Swiss Punk Typography refers to an approach to typography that defies strict grid-based arrangement conventions.

"Simultaneously grotesque and goofy, horrific and hilarious, the strip truly defies description.

Merrymeeting Bay's unusual geography defies common landform terms[citation needed].

has highlighted the progressive elements in Third World Literature that defies genre expectations such as Xala; and in science fiction like The Left Hand.

Their love defies age-old hatred between their respective peoples.

neighborhood of Nørrebro, yet still in the 2100 Østerbro zip code, Ryparken defies easy definition.

region, where the Russian-Estonian border twists and turns in a manner that defies the logic of everyday life.

The stories describe how she defies traditional gender hierarchies and the rules and expectations for female.

The work has an organic form that defies description, with different amorphous shapes visible from different angles.

" Warren adds that the term "defies adequate translation", but is distinct from courtier, "for the king employed.

looks at a late 19th-century world inventor who invents a machine that defies the laws of time, space, and dimension in order to reinvent everything around.

independent Evelina Applegate, a hoop skirt manufacturer's daughter who defies her father by rejecting hoopskirts and embracing comfortable bloomers advocated.

was released in 2003; it introduces Selene, an elite vampire-warrior who defies her orders, and Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), a human who gets caught.

grow and survive under any circumstance, with its fronds open to the sky—defies the elements to bend its will.

Sco-Mule defies both jazz and jam-band genres, "instead, it sits somewhere in-between, with.

Prometheus is the creative and rebellious spirit which, rejected by God, angrily defies him and asserts itself; Ganymede is the boyish self which is adored and.

coward Connetand, and herself as Saint Joan who helps starving refugees and defies her employer.


hold; hold out; stand firm; brave out; hold up; brave; endure; weather; resist; withstand;


enjoy; forbid; disallow; leeward; surrender;

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