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Image Adjustment - various general commands such as display orientation, degauss, gamma, zoom, focus, brightness/contrast, backlight control, etc.

Unlike degaussing and physical destruction, which render the storage media unusable, data.

such degaussing systems built into the upper decks (the conduits are still visible on the deck of HMS Belfast in London, for example).

Command ship RPB-30 Kozara  Austria Station for degauss 36 Šabac  Yugoslavia River minesweepers Neštin class  Yugoslavia RML-331.

the system are shaking and degaussing wires.

Shaking wires increase the magnetic permeability, while the permanent degaussing wires are applied to all surfaces.

that include disk cleaning utilities, file wiping utilities and disk degaussing/destruction techniques.

The war-time need to repair and refit and degauss ships offered L'T an opportunity, and led to the formation of a new company.

this is not secret history—although references in Operation Chaos to degaussing the effects of cold iron make it possible that it is the result of a POD.

Similarly shaped demagnetizers used magnets to degauss the deck, which kept sound from becoming distorted (see Cassette demagnetizer).

Šabac city beach  Yugoslavia RSRB-36 Šabac Degaussing vessel (YDG) RSRB-36 Šabac PRB-36 Šabac degaussing vessel (YDG) (Serbian: ПРБ - Помоћни речни брод.

"Myth #42: You can quickly degauss or erase a hard disk drive by sweeping a magnet over it".

/ɑː/ (/æ/) /aʊ/ /oʊ/ because, laurel, leprechaun aunt, draught, laughter degauss, graupel, trauma (GA) chauffeur, gauche, mauve /eɪ/ gauge /aʊə/ gaur /ʌ/.

War II, NSLP was pressed into wartime service, taking on the task of "degaussing" more than 1600 naval and merchant ships.


alter; modify; change; demagnetise; demagnetize;


decrease; stiffen; record; magnetize; magnetise;

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