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Nevertheless, the bias did wear off eventually, and ships had to be degaussed on a schedule.

wooden-hulled ships, but occasionally swept by iron-clad ships that were degaussed to mask their magnetic properties.

read, written to, or formatted in a DLT1/DLT-VS80 drive unless it is degaussed.

and usually have a wood, fiberglass or non-ferrous metal hull, or are degaussed to reduce magnetic signature.

as a freight carrier and was subsequently armed with a stern gun and degaussed to prevent magnetic mine attacks.

often constructed using wood, fiberglass or non-ferrous metal, or is degaussed to reduce its magnetic signature.

The ships are degaussed.

The ships were built with steel hulls which were degaussed but no specific attempt was made to reduce electrical or acoustic signature.

Sasebo, but her operations covered much of the western Pacific as she also degaussed ships of the allied sea services of Japan, Korea, the Republic of China.

like this resulted in many of the boats that sailed to Dunkirk being degaussed in a marathon four-day effort by degaussing stations.

By the year 2176, a magnetic storm has degaussed all recorded history, causing such valuable documents as the U.

Oberrender was then degaussed before sailing for Bermuda on 28 May.

series of moves about San Francisco Bay, the ship took on ammunition and degaussed.

Magnetized ferromagnetic materials can be demagnetized (or degaussed) in the following ways: Heating a magnet past its Curie temperature; the.

timing marks, and they cannot reinitialize a modern disk that has been degaussed or otherwise lost the factory formatting.

Military submarines are degaussed—by passing through large underwater loops at regular intervals—to help.

got underway for Newport, on 5 May, and there, over the next few days, degaussed, calibrated her direction finders, and loaded aircraft for transportation.

needed] despite the embarrassing problem of alnico magnets being partially degaussed (i.

the internal degaussing field is not sufficient, the shadow mask may be degaussed externally with a stronger portable degausser or demagnetizer.


alter; modify; change; demagnetise; demagnetize;


decrease; stiffen; record; magnetize; magnetise;

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