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The English word disinformation.

usage of disinformation related to software, hardware and technology industries generally appeared in the 1970s to describe disinformation in the computer.

" Critics have accused CGTN of broadcasting propaganda and disinformation on behalf of the Chinese government, and airing forced confessions.

The Chinese government has engaged in disinformation to downplay the emergence of COVID-19 in China and manipulate information about its spread around.

False information, including intentional disinformation, has been spread through social media, text messaging, and mass media.

News have also published accounts of China Daily's dissemination of disinformation related to the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests.

19 and 20 March 2015, citing the "need to challenge Russia's ongoing disinformation campaigns".

current and former RT reporters) have identified RT as a purveyor of disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Times wrote: "The fundamental purpose of dezinformatsiya, or Russian disinformation, experts said, is to undermine the official version of events — even.

assurance(s) that one's information is valid, spreading of propaganda or disinformation to demoralize or manipulate the enemy and the public, undermining the.

has been the source of various incidents, including fabrications and disinformation.

It includes offensive programs such as disinformation, propaganda, deception, sabotage, destabilization and espionage.

Fake news in India refers to misinformation or disinformation in the country which is spread through word of mouth and traditional media and more recently.

The KGB and Soviet Disinformation: An Insider's View is a non-fiction book about the KGB's use of disinformation and information warfare during the Soviet.

Gezi Park protests in Turkey saw massive amounts of censorship and disinformation by the mainstream media, especially by those supporting Prime Minister.

Operation INFEKTION was the popular name given to an active measure disinformation campaign run by the KGB in the 1980s to plant the idea that the United.



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