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 সহজ, অকষ্টকল্পিত, শান্তিপূর্ণ, সহজসাধ্য, অনায়াস, অকঠোর, স্বচ্ছন্দ, সাবলীল, অবাধ, আরামপূর্ণ, হালকা, লঘু, আয়েশী, আয়েসী, সিধা, ঋজু, সহজে সহনীয়, অনায়াসসাধ্য,


অকঠোর, অনায়াসসাধ্য, সহজে সহনীয়, ঋজু, সিধা, আয়েসী, আয়েশী, লঘু, হালকা, আরামপূর্ণ, অবাধ, সাবলীল, স্বচ্ছন্দ, অনায়াস, সহজসাধ্য, শান্তিপূর্ণ, অকষ্টকল্পিত, সহজ,


অনায়াসে, সহজভাবে, সহজে,

easiest's Usage Examples:

technically easiest route is more arduous than another (e.

the technically easiest route.

became the standard in film because it mirrored film stock and was the easiest to use.

climbing books report this mountain as the "easiest 6000er in the world", but this claim is debatable.

The easiest route entails an exposed ridge and sections.

Dorsal scale are easiest to count diagonally, starting with the paraventral scale row.

Tricycle gear aircraft are the easiest for takeoff, landing and taxiing, and consequently the configuration is.

Their route, still the easiest, climbs the southwest face, and is rated PD (not very difficult).

" The easiest route, by the Southwest Ridge, is rated AD (Fairly Difficult), with snow.

The easiest climbing access to Albright Peak is via the Alaska Basin Trail.

The easiest route is an off-trail class 2 scramble from the end of the Spring Creek.

slopes of the standard northwest ridge route, Cho Oyu is considered the easiest 8,000 metre peak to climb.

The easiest and most popular climbing routes are categorized as Class 1 to 2 or A+.

The summit is easiest to reach when approached from the west; however, true to its name, the.

It is considered one of the easiest of the 13 trailless High Peaks.

fairly large number of sharps), Frédéric Chopin regarded its scale as the easiest of all to play on the piano, as its black notes fit the natural positions.

Long native usage had emphasized the easiest route, skirting the water meadows of the river bottoms and crossing streams.

The most obvious (and easiest) is to place the subject against a neutral background such as a backdrop.

This is one of the easiest and probably the most ascended of the main Black Cuillin peaks, requiring.


painless; casual; unproblematic; undemanding; effortless; simple; hands-down; user-friendly; clean; ease; smooth; uncomplicated; simplified; elementary; simpleness; soft; easiness; cushy; simplicity; easygoing;


difficult; difficulty; demanding; complex; hard; effortful;

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