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While ecumenicalism in general is opposed, certain Anglican church bodies that are not members.

And then the Ut unum sint on ecumenicalism, the moral encyclical Veritatis splendor, and the Fides et ratio… also.

Such a reading, which echoes Hellenistic philosophical ecumenicalism has been challenged by recent revisionists.

Catholics today there remains widespread support for its statements against ecumenicalism and liberalism.

illustrators for young people, producing artwork — praised for its vibrancy, ecumenicalism and sheer sumptuous beauty — that was a seamless amalgam of both their.

Obituary—Henry Chadwick—He was a leading Anglican scholar and strove for ecumenicalism, The Guardian', 19 June 2008.

some years of disagreement in the 1960s regarding the rising trend of ecumenicalism, the congregation seceded from the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church.

"Obituary—Henry Chadwick—He was a leading Anglican scholar and strove for ecumenicalism".

the community through his contributions to theology, the nurturing of ecumenicalism between the churches and their faiths, and in the cause of social justice.

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church doctrine; ecumenism; religious doctrine; gospel; creed; ecumenicism;


actual sin; falsehood;

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