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He travelled the world widely to spread ecumenicism and worked to foster relations with both Protestant and Catholic churches.

His work centers on the history and renewal of Christian liturgy and ecumenicism.

Theophylact supported his father's policies and pursued ecclesiastical ecumenicism, keeping in close contact with the Greek patriarchates of Alexandria.

itself and also, I believe, a historic document, for this is not mere ecumenicism.

cast into the shade such long-established timid Christian notions of “ecumenicism” (Protestants dialoguing with Catholics, etc.

This novel, then, is one man's plea for an ecumenicism broad enough to include reasonable men; and his effort to defend his.

Biffi believed that ecumenicism promotes the dilution of Catholic doctrine (a view common among conservative.

II, relations to Protestantism and the eastern Orthodox Churches, and ecumenicism.

One of Landaverde’s main goals was to promote ecumenicism by merging the gap between the Roman Catholicism of Little Village and.

New Age-type spirituality including millennialism and pan-Christian ecumenicism, preceded by a time in which the antichrist dominated the Church.

In his anonymous 1809 plea for ecumenicism The Banquet of Theodulus, which enjoyed numerous editions, he argued.

Belying his previous ecumenicism, Fauntroy asked the United States Supreme Court to stop same-sex marriage.

chart a course of civilization's progress toward an East-West Christian ecumenicism developed an increasing bias against Asian cultures which he initially.

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church doctrine; ecumenism; religious doctrine; gospel; creed; ecumenicalism;


actual sin; falsehood;

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