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the confidence sowed in him however, much unfair one and onto a charge embittering him his 158 million big public loans not achieved with big fortune between.

following independence included massacres against African ethnic groups, embittering ethnic divides within the population.

's death was a major factor in embittering his father against Simpson and the HBC: "But the hastiness of the Sitka.

state's delegation was not accepted by the Democratic Party leadership, embittering the activists.

show) protested that Maynard kept changing his scripts too much, thus embittering the relationship between the two and so a planned fourth series was cancelled.

Mr Block went to work with his father, a period he describes as “very embittering” as he was “lied to by a parade of management” of internet companies.

and Lisa befriend each other, until midway through the play, after an embittering visit, David's parents take him away from the school.

expedition, Meyrick strongly supported his master, and is credited with embittering the relations between the two leaders.

special session established a permanent fissure in the Byrd Organization, "embittering old friends toward one another.

autonomous photographic subject of color, DeCarava endured decades of embittering misunderstanding.

as the hero of Goethe places before us the too delicate sensitiveness embittering and at last cutting short the life of a private German scholar.

and that "watching professionals get it wrong" was "a cold, slightly embittering experience".

treatment, had more effect, probably, than any other single incident in embittering and precipitating the dispute between King and parliament.

Out-relishes mere fire and self-embittering art.

" Burns also stated the "Some life-rented, embittering Recollections whisper me that I will be happier elsewhere than in my.

's death was said to be one of the factors embittering his father against Simpson and the HBC.

Michiganders and their Federal counterparts pillaged Gallatin while there, embittering Morgan and hardening his attitude toward Union civilians.

to be its end and aim, the more petty, the more hateful and the more embittering it is.

'early' Fall: a monolithic beast of ragged grooves piloted through the embittering miasma of English society by the verbose acidity/Joycean all-inclusiveness.


envenom; acerbate; resent;


wish; like;

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