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The posttraumatic embitterment disorder (PTED) is a pathological reaction to drastic life events.

Post-traumatic abortion syndrome Post-traumatic amnesia Post-traumatic embitterment syndrome Post-traumatic epilepsy Post-traumatic growth Post-traumatic.

He was the first publishing on Post-traumatic embitterment disorders.

As his embitterment boils, Dracula begins to delve heavily into Satanic practice.

By the end of the 7th century BC, embitterment among the poor had risen, and the rich had begun to fear an uprising.

Although she is still willing to help him, Friedemann shows her his full embitterment; at the Count's behest, Friedemann has to leave Saxony.

she avoided any public affront to the dead king, which, owing to the embitterment of the people, would certainly have found expression at the interment.

Polysubstance-related disorder Postpartum depression Post-traumatic embitterment disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder Premature ejaculation Premenstrual.

accustomed to one's own unhappiness, but instead to resist any creeping embitterment and hardening with a "lighthearted confidence and cheerful composure.

Post-traumatic embitterment disorder has been linked to resentment, in some cases.

Post-cognitivist psychology - Post-purchase rationalization - Post-traumatic embitterment disorder - Post-traumatic stress disorder - Postcognitivism - Postvention -.

always felt this was a key turn in Townes's life, leading to a profound embitterment and a deepening of his already pessimistic outlook.

Later, he prefers to write landscapes and inner embitterment feelings due to exile.

Failing to urge one's own supporters toward reconciliation will let embitterment remain between supporters of both candidates, who need to live and work.

Whether his embitterment comes from lack of money, or jealously of Sir Percy, his oath of fealty.

Most notably, it has had an effect on the embitterment, physical degradation, broken social and marital relationships in modern.

Posttraumatic embitterment disorder can be a reaction to this feeling of victimisation.




cheerfulness; happiness;

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