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enigmatically Meaning in Bengali

enigmatically's Usage Examples:

Harry Kim is enigmatically stranded back on Earth, only to discover the lives of his companions.

An enigmatically signed copy of the short tract was sent to all the heads of Oxford colleges.

It is named peorð in the Anglo-Saxon rune-poem and glossed enigmatically as follows: ᛈ peorð byþ symble plega and hlehter / ƿlancum [on middum].

_why made a presentation enigmatically titled "A Starry Afternoon, a Sinking Symphony, and the Polo Champ Who.

She rests one arm on a branch of the tree as she looks mournfully and enigmatically out towards the far distance, perhaps looking towards an uncertain future.

in the 18th century where each syllable of the answer was described enigmatically as a separate word before the word as a whole was similarly described.

The album is enigmatically dedicated to "Multi (the ghost)".

Plato's number is a number enigmatically referred to by Plato in his dialogue the Republic (8.

memory is overshadowed by its own topper, The Squirrel Cage, where the enigmatically familiar phrase, "Nov shmoz ka pop?" was introduced.

Mieszko I also enigmatically appeared as "Dagome" in a papal document dating to about 1085, called.

shows in the LA area: “The A-side is an intriguing track as Hay purrs enigmatically over a rubbery bass line and sliced-up guitar accents, emphasizing that.

htm) enigmatically refers to Clarinda as "YP-185".

" Time Out London said that Dylan "hovers enigmatically on the sidelines, offering jaundiced comments.

He speaks enigmatically of his past and seems to be terrified of human sexuality.

offspring of a hearty anti-intellectual – sit in the shadows, speaking enigmatically and cyclically, stepping around and around the fact of their estrangement.

in a manner far beyond her present capacity to understand, a manner enigmatically bizarre in terms of time and space - which is to say, an answer from.

" The lyrics end enigmatically with ".

formally, held the title of Marquis of Fosdinovo, whose Marquisate is enigmatically enveloped in fog.

"pitch-perfect dialogue", describing it as "beautifully developed and enigmatically resolved.

the children will be all right if anything happens to Tony; he smiles enigmatically.


mysteriously; cryptically;

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