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In the Victorian era the term "mail" was used fancifully for any form of metallic body armour.

One recurring suggestion fancifully suggests the name derives from "Norman raiders (who) would ride into towns.

is seen as one of a number of Vermeer's tronies – depictions of models fancifully dressed that were not (as far as is known) intended to be portraits of.

The cellars of Dunchideock House are fancifully supposed to contain a treacle mine.

The Early Archaic style has been fancifully termed "Daedalic.

The legend was adapted and fancifully elaborated to form the back-story for the ride Hex – the Legend of the.

Paarlahti has been fancifully called the longest inland fjord of Scandinavia (though Finland is not.

Among the many reasons, it is said that the emblem "fancifully combines elements of imperial and socialist symbols", and the fact that.

featuring winding tree-lined lanes, painted murals, and banner-strewn, fancifully decorated buildings.

It was fancifully hailed by Time magazine as the oldest Mexican soldier.

from draughts were retained in the bergère à oreilles ("with ears"), or, fancifully, bergère confessionale, as if the occupant were hidden from view, as in.

The park features fancifully sculpted rocks.

resprouting shoots emerge from either side of the tree stump seat to form a fancifully twined and pleached two-story-tall chair back.

The tower is capped by a classical entablature and topped by a fancifully detailed spire.

His family history, fancifully interpreted, is the main subject of much of The Lay of the Last Minstrel.

Ovid and other writers have made the association (either fancifully or mistakenly) that the etymology of her name was "lover of song", derived.

physics and thermodynamics that helped to sort molecules, stating, "We fancifully began to use the word daemon to describe background processes that worked.

This necessitates an even slimmer cutaway handle, the shape of which is fancifully known as the "lady's leg", the bolster at the base resembling a foot.

Practical Housewifery This recipe calls for actual tutti frutti and is not fancifully named.

of parallel linear structures of unknown purpose that were, somewhat fancifully, considered by antiquarians as used for some type of athletic competition.



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