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godchild Meaning in Bengali

 ধর্মপুত্র বা ধর্মকন্যা



godchild's Usage Examples:

The child is a godchild (i.

Kupari (Portuguese: compadre referring to the father of one's godchild; word derived from Kumpari and feminine being Kumari or Portuguese Comadre) or Samvedi.

Reinmuth at Heidelberg in 1923, and later named after Ingrid, niece and godchild of astronomer Albrecht Kahrstedt.

Beauclerk was the eldest son of the 10th Duke of St Albans and a godchild of Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince of Wales.

He was the eldest son of Hugh Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland, and a godchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition, he was a godchild of Queen Victoria.

Lucy Barfield (2 November 1935 – 3 May 2003) was the godchild of C.

Alexandra was a daughter of the 3rd Baron Vivian and a godchild of Alexandra, Princess of Wales (later Queen Alexandra).

She was the godchild of Peter the Great and belonged to his circle of favorites.

The launch of this new channel, godchild of NRJ radio, which has existed since 1981, allowed Jean-Paul Beaudecroux.

Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are determined to make sure they make Timmy their godchild by stealing the recipe and cheating the fairies out of the competition.

The Peter Pan was erected in memory of Sir Edgar Bowring's godchild, Betty Munn, who had drowned along with her father at the sinking of Florizel.


infant; baby; godson; babe; goddaughter;



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