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Phyletic gradualism is a model of evolution which theorizes that most speciation is slow, uniform and gradual.

Punctuated equilibrium is commonly contrasted against phyletic gradualism, the idea that evolution generally occurs uniformly and by the steady.

always done, though many modern geologists no longer hold to a strict gradualism.

and protecting natural biodiversity; securing workers rights through gradualism in institutions, private education and unions; subsidizing women's healthcare.

This contrasts with uniformitarianism (sometimes called gradualism), according to which slow incremental changes, such as erosion, brought.

Punctuated gradualism is a microevolutionary hypothesis that refers to a species that has "relative stasis over a considerable part of its total duration.

The concept of chronospecies is related to the phyletic gradualism model of evolution, and also relies on an extensive fossil record, since.

accounts of the evolution of mimicry and if they could be explained by gradualism or saltation.

the basic income implementation should be "governed by principles of gradualism and reversibility".

Darwin opposed saltation, insisting on gradualism in evolution as geology's uniformitarianism.

to: Incrementalism, a theory (also used in politics as a synonym for gradualism) Increment and decrement operators, the operators ++ and -- in computer.

" It may be posited as opposite to gradualism, the original Buddhist approach which says that following the dharma can.

Creeping normality (also called gradualism, or landscape amnesia) is a process by which a major change can be accepted as normal and acceptable if it happens.

inferred to oftentimes lead to sympatric speciation through a phyletic gradualism mode of evolution.

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