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লিবারেটো রচয়িতা,

librettist শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

৭ জুন, ১৯৭০) ছিলেন একজন ইংরেজ ঔপন্যাসিক, ছোটোগল্পকার, প্রাবন্ধিক ও লিবারেটো রচয়িতা

librettist's Usage Examples:

The relationship of the librettist (that is, the writer of a libretto) to the composer in the creation of.

Amanda Juliet Holden (born 19 January 1948) is a British musician, librettist and translator.

opera are, however, usually known as a "libretto" and their writer, as a "librettist".

first by Cammarano until his death in mid-1852 and then with the young librettist Leone Emanuele Bardare, which gave the composer the opportunity to propose.

The intended occasion and the librettist are unknown.

The first librettist chosen by Mozart himself appears to have been Giambattista Varesco, for.

This resulted in confusion over the identity of the librettist for more than half a century, but as Herbert Weinstock establishes, it.

house the Gilbert and Sullivan pieces, and later those by other composer–librettist teams.

Gilbert (1836–1911), the British librettist, by United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC), 1977.

in Vienna – 24 February 1951 in New York City) was an Austrian author, librettist, and lyricist.

skʁib]; 24 December 1791 – 20 February 1861) was a French dramatist and librettist.

(September 8, 1896 – July 30, 1983) was an American publicist, lyricist, and librettist, best remembered for his songwriting collaboration with Arthur Schwartz.

the revision of Verdi's 1857 Simon Boccanegra by introducing Boito as librettist and then to begin the arduous process of persuading and cajoling Verdi.

Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti (17 March 1863 – 30 May 1934) was an Italian librettist.

In the format of the chorale cantata cycle, an unknown librettist retained the first and last of Luther's four stanzas while paraphrasing.

Composer, pianist, opera librettist, and music critic Leonard Liebling served as the publication's editor-in-chief.

1924 – September 20, 1987) was an American playwright and dramatist, librettist, lyricist, screenwriter and novelist Born Myron Stuart Rubin in Manhattan.

One of the earliest examples is the librettist Charles-Simon Favart's Le caprice amoureux, ou Ninette à la cour (1755).

Larson (February 8, 1928 – September 20, 2015) was an American actor, librettist, screenwriter and producer best known for his portrayal of photographer/cub.


writer; author;

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