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In the stricter, nasal vowels are not to be confused with nasalised vowels.

until the spelling reforms of 1900, む was also used to transcribe the nasalised [ɴ].

get nasalised allophonically when adjacent to a nasal consonant.

In the varieties of Tanawal and Kashmir both long and short vowels can be nasalised in.

languages, [n] written ny and [ŋm] ŋm - are probably best analysed as a nasalised y and w respectively, but the scope of the nasalisation and the order.

Vowels can be accented or nasalised.

Diacritics and accents include high /á/, mid /ā/, low /à/, and nasalised /ã/.

"N" "ane" in English ann ɑ̃n an nasalised French "an" with long "n" sound "Pronounced like "anne".

anm ɑ̃m an nasalised French "an" with long "m" sound.

دغه هومره = دومره، دغلته = دلته، هغلته = هلته، دغه سی = داسی ^15 The nasalised vowel appers / ̃/ appears in certain dialects such as Banisi/Banuchi and.

Transcriptions of the following diacritical combinations in Burmese for nasalised finals are.

Before nasal vowels the approximants /j/ and /w/ are nasalised, and the nasalised /j/ in slow, careful speech can even harden to [ɲ].

All Kaluli vowels may be nasalised, although nasalisation occurs only on a small percentage of words in the.

Consonant clusters did not occur except for the "pre-nasalised" consonants.

The so-called "pre-nasalised" consonants were sequences of a nasal and a following.

All vowels except the near-close vowels /ɪ/ and /ʊ/ can appear long, nasalised or both; the vowels /ɪ/ and /ʊ/ are being lost for young speakers.

kǃ ǁg kǁ VL aspirated ǀkh ǀˣ ǂkh ǂˣ !kh ǃˣ ǁkh ǁˣ VL nasalised ǀh ǀ ǂh ǂˣ ǃh ǃˣ ǁh ǁˣ VD nasalised ǀn ŋǀʰ ǂn ŋǂʰ ǃn ŋ!ʰ ǁn ŋǁʰ Glottal closure ǀ kǀʔ ǂkh.

The Edo alphabet has separate letters for the nasalised allophones of /ʋ/ and /l/, mw and n: Long vowels are written by doubling.

a length distinction at each place of articulation, as well as a long nasalised vowel.

unclear whether any vowels or consonants are nasalised in Mvanip, as some of its relatives have nasalised sounds and some do not.

-एँ ẽː, nasalised vowel No forms Ablative (अपादान apādāna) तोँ tõː (mostly for comparative).


sound out; nasalize; enunciate; pronounce; say; enounce; articulate;


written; inarticulate; uncommunicative; devoice; voice;

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