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ruminated Meaning in Bengali

 জাবর কাটা, অনুধ্যায় করা, রোমন্থন করা,


জাবর কাটা, অনুধ্যায় করা,

ruminated শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

জানাশোনা সম্পূর্ণ পরিচিত জানোয়ার জন্তুর তুল্য ঘৃণ্য ও মনুষ্যত্বহীন ব্যক্তি জাবর কাটা বিরক্তিকরভাবে একই কথা বারবার বলে জামাই আদর প্রচুর আদরযত্ন জামের খোসা ফেলে ।

লেখনী ব্যতীত তার প্রধান কাজ ছিল "খাওয়া ও জাবর কাটা" ।

গবাদি পশুর রোমন্থন (জাবর কাটা, rumination) অনেকটা বমির মত হলেও তার ঐচ্ছিক নিয়ন্ত্রণ সম্ভব (এবং তা শরীরস্থানগতভাবে ।

ruminated's Usage Examples:

"Saturday Night Special" took its title from an American revolver and ruminated on the right of men to bear arms and rule their home.

Department of Defense news briefing from February 12, 2002, Rumsfeld ruminated on "The Unknown": As we know, There are known knowns.

He later wrote My Team, in which he ruminated on the greatest players he had been witness to in his years of baseball.

Holly ruminated upon Gwyn's rationale for being the killer as being her need to "spare.

The commission members also ruminated over the title of "President" (رئيس جمهورية) but the designation was not.

one of the early interviews she had given as Prime Minister, Gandhi had ruminated: "I suppose you could call me a socialist, but you have understand what.

Leonel at age 16 almost ruminated on a career in boxing and basketball, but chose to play football instead.

DIY magazine called it a "staggeringly good collection of songs" and ruminated that the album "offers a compelling argument of the threesome as the most.

Shukumine ruminated on how to apply this idea not only to life but also to Genseiryū Karate.

" That author ruminated on the store's old-time hardware emporium atmosphere against the cultural.

Mertz also interpreted Fusang as meaning "fir trees" in Chinese, and ruminated that they might refer to the fir trees of British Columbia.

Researchers will then remove some or all of the ruminated material through the cannula.

evaluate the rumination in terms of it having improved the thing being ruminated about, providing understanding, and its emotional effects on the client.

27 post titled "Is WASHED OUT the next Neon Indian/Memory Cassette?" ruminated on a nascent trend involving the "musicsphere" searching for a "new 'authentic.

Symptoms tend to cease when the ruminated contents become acidic.

habitual, ritual sarrusophone, sousaphone annihilated, violated illuminated, ruminated List of English words without rhymes RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and.

In 1994, during the 90s comic-boom, friends Lansdale and Klaw had ruminated over the non-existence of "a comic book anthology with some of the biggest.

Mckenny Hughes ruminated in Nature as to why meteors were associated with star jelly by poets and.

The poem where Han Yu ruminated on getting old by recounting how he lost his own teeth is "Losing Teeth".




disrespect; exclude; esteem; disesteem; respect;

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