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ruminate Meaning in Bengali

 রোমন্থরকরা, জাবর কাটা


জাবর কাটা, অনুধ্যায় করা,

ruminate শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

জানাশোনা সম্পূর্ণ পরিচিত জানোয়ার জন্তুর তুল্য ঘৃণ্য ও মনুষ্যত্বহীন ব্যক্তি জাবর কাটা বিরক্তিকরভাবে একই কথা বারবার বলে জামাই আদর প্রচুর আদরযত্ন জামের খোসা ফেলে ।

লেখনী ব্যতীত তার প্রধান কাজ ছিল "খাওয়া ও জাবর কাটা" ।

গবাদি পশুর রোমন্থন (জাবর কাটা, rumination) অনেকটা বমির মত হলেও তার ঐচ্ছিক নিয়ন্ত্রণ সম্ভব (এবং তা শরীরস্থানগতভাবে ।

ruminate's Usage Examples:

Barret also argues that the phonetic play between ruminate and ruinate is as she says an "underscore a relationship inherent in the.

Animals that both chew their cud (ruminate, i.

of being stranded by an incoming tide, they graze at low tide and then ruminate at high tide.

Lithocarpus ruminatus, the ruminate stone oak, is a species of stone oak, native to the island of Borneo.

wake of its protagonist Dick Johnson, who returns from death to bitterly ruminate about the afterlife, which according to Johnson is a bleak and endless.

the ability to ruminate, which requires regurgitating food and re-chewing it.

According to the Torah, land-dwelling animals that both chew the cud (ruminate) and have cloven hooves, are kosher.

Most species alternately feed and ruminate throughout the day.

Spirospermum), with endosperm absent or present, totally or only ventrally ruminate or not ruminate, oleaginous, embryo straight or curved, with two cotyledons flat.

Eremopanax, distinguished by seeds containing smooth endosperm, versus ruminate endosperm for Arthrophyllum.

 2019 (2019-04-11) A man and a woman take an evening stroll together and ruminate about dreams and their various past moments spent together -- as well as.

to depart from the snares of the flesh, with all its guilt, Time now to ruminate how I may find the great son of Mary.

pain experience in more exaggerated terms than the average person, to ruminate on it more (e.

connected with the Latin word rūmen, rūminis, the throat and gullet, whence 'ruminate', to chew the cud, therefore meaning 'insertion into the throat'.




disrespect; exclude; esteem; disesteem; respect;

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