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শর্টহ্যাণ্ড্ বিদ্যাগত, শর্টহ্যাণ্ড্ লিখিত,

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In geometry, the stereographic projection is a particular mapping (function) that projects a sphere onto a plane.

stereoscopic images have typically been used for amusement, including stereographic cards, 3D films, 3D television, stereoscopic video games, printings.

mounted drum containing a wheel upon which are mounted a series of stereographic cards which form a moving picture.

The stereographic projection, also known as the planisphere projection or the azimuthal conformal projection, is a conformal map projection whose use.

The universal polar stereographic (UPS) coordinate system is used in conjunction with the universal transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system to locate.

The Gall stereographic projection, presented by James Gall in 1855, is a cylindrical projection.

During medieval times, the stereographic coordinate system was used for navigation purposes.

[citation needed] The stereographic coordinate system was superseded.

inscribed in the celestial sphere onto a plane by what is now known as stereographic projection.

Geometrically, a Möbius transformation can be obtained by first performing stereographic projection from the plane to the unit two-sphere, rotating and moving.

Like the stereographic projection and gnomonic projection, orthographic projection is a perspective.

Lambert Smyth equal-surface Trystan Edwards Cassini Central Equirectangular Gall stereographic Gall isographic Miller Space-oblique Mercator Web Mercator.

computed by rotating the coordinates −45 degrees before computing the stereographic projection; this projection is then remapped into a square whose coordinates.

oblique stereographic Henri Roussilhe 1922 Hotine oblique Mercator Cylindrical Conformal M.

Laborde, Martin Hotine 1903 Gall stereographic Cylindrical.

and strike-dip information of the plane it was measured from, using a stereographic projection.

A stereographic projection usually projects a sphere from a point N {\displaystyle N}.

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