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Shelf stereos are typically both small enough to fit on an average shelf (hence their.

from car stereos.

Thus a single volume 320 page book needed 40 stereos for an eight-page imposition, or twenty stereos for a 16-page imposition.

are audio electronics intended for home entertainment use, such as shelf stereos, music centres and surround sound receivers.

The name is derived from the Greek στερεός stereos 'solid' + radian.

Personal stereos typically have a belt clip or a shoulder strap so a user can attach the.

technologies such as the Walkman, cars with built-in cassette decks and FM stereos, and various electronic musical instruments.

which are heavily menu driven), calculators, PDAs, smartphones, and car stereos such as the AutoPC.


stereophony; reproducer; Walkman; quadriphonic system; iPod; stereo system; stereophonic system; ghetto blaster; quadraphonic system; quadraphony; amplifier; boom box;


mono; one-eared;

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