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suggester Meaning in Bengali


suggester সাহায্য,

suggester's Usage Examples:

an optional component specified within an index called a suggester construction.

The suggester construction provides information about the list of fields.

self-suggestion; and, in such cases, the subject "plays the dual role of suggester and suggestee".

1965 Sudo Sudu Cow return suggester 1965 Saaravita 1965 Hathara Maha Nidhanaya 1966 Kapatikama Street Mudalali 1967 Hathara Kendare.

Pembara Madhu 1977 Niwena Ginna 1978 Janaka Saha Manju Orphanage name suggester 1978 Kumara Kumariyo Bandara aunty 1978 Sasara 1979 Wasanthaye Dawasak.

substitute/deputy master Assistant conductor Maestro suggeritore master suggester/prompter Prompter Stagione season A variety of formal organisation of.

Strauss, later writing to the Dresden conductor Hermann Ludwig Kutzschbach, suggester her as the Composer in Ariadne (she later sang the titel role), and was.


proposer; conceiver; originator; mastermind;

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