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জঘন্য পাপাচারণ,

abominably's Usage Examples:

ate my homework' standard excuse for a game was nothing more than an abominably programmed, hideously simplistic yet almost entirely unplayable piece.

Although she is abominably treated by her husband (he even asks her to become a whore), Luce remains.

How abominably unjust to persecute a man for such an airy trifle as that! 'I disapprove.

She treats him abominably, and is at the end of the book unmasked as an imposter and murderer who.

Wheezer is frightened so he concocts a plot to make himself abominably sick so that his parents will come together out of concern from him.

understanding angiosperm history, success, and relationships: Darwin's abominably "perplexing phenomenon"".

said the film "was badly, cheaply written by George Zuckerman and is abominably played by a hand-picked cast.

same thing that caused Will to involve himself—the woman has suffered abominably cruel torture at the hands of a sadistic man.

quality in his review of episodes 1–3, stating that "Berserk 2016 is an abominably ugly and almost forcefully unpleasant realization of our dreams, with.

Job 19:19, Psa 106:40, Eze 16:25; abhorreth, 2 Psa 107:18, Isa 49:7; abominably, 1 1Ki 21:26; committed, 1 Eze 16:52.

Henry's army might have seized more land in Bithynia, had not an abominably cold winter swept in preventing his troops from advancing any further.

You think you are writing abominably, but then you look at this drivel which people have performed in all seriousness.

with Vonnegut remarking how "natural it was for [people] to behave so abominably, and with such abominable results: They were doing their best to live.

2015, although councillors complained that car parking at the site was "abominably managed".

Historical United States tariff, considered "abominably" high by detractors.

At WEST WOODHAY my horse [had] cast a shoe, and, as the road was abominably flinty, we were compelled to go at a snail's pace; and I should have gone.

the chronicler acknowledged that the bishop treated the canons of Wells abominably.

And it is also abominably acted—which covers about everything .


detestably; repulsively; odiously;

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