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auroral Meaning in Bengali

 ঊষাদেবীসংক্রান্ত, ঊষাসংক্রান্ত,


ঊষাসংক্রান্ত, ঊষাদেবীসংক্রান্ত,

auroral's Usage Examples:

established that the aurora appeared mainly in the auroral zone.

Day-to-day positions of the auroral ovals are posted on the Internet.

The storm caused strong auroral displays and wrought havoc with telegraph systems.

media A substorm, sometimes referred to as a magnetospheric substorm or an auroral substorm, is a brief disturbance in the Earth's magnetosphere that causes.

instrument will identify the regions of auroral currents that define Jovian radio emissions and acceleration of the auroral particles by measuring the radio.

Auroral hiss is observed in the auroral zones of the Earth and can extend up to several hundred.

In the high latitude ionosphere (or auroral zones), the Birkeland currents close through the region of the auroral electrojet, which flows perpendicular.

suggesting to him that localized "polar magnetic storms" exist in the auroral zone.

spatio-temporal evolution of the ionospheric thermodynamics and electrodynamics at auroral and polar latitudes over a large region of Canada.

particularly remembered in connection with an unusual phenomenon, an "auroral beam", which was observed from the Royal Observatory, Greenwich by astronomer.

Siemiatkowski, auroral physicist at Byrd Station, 1964.

atmosphere very close to or along the main auroral oval, making it difficult to detect Callisto's auroral spot.

started at Arrival Heights in 1959 with the establishment of an unmanned auroral radar station by the New Zealand's Department of Scientific and Industrial.



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