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Hooton's career began auspiciously with a no-hitter in his fourth major league game for the Cubs, but he.

The Ebrach Summer Music Festival also provides a platform for young, auspiciously talented new artists.

from New France to the Western Sea, and from there to China and hence auspiciously the region where the canal was built was named Lachine.

Mohammed Zahir Shah Prime Minister – Shah Mahmud Khan The year begins auspiciously by the signature at New Delhi, India, of a treaty of friendship with.

It begins slowly and auspiciously in the first part (jo), building up the drama and tension in the second.

Ascher continue to work the vein he has so auspiciously opened.

Three months before the Games, Liu auspiciously passed the exact Olympic B-height and registered his own personal best.

Associazione Calcio Milan began the 2004–05 season auspiciously by winning the 2004 Supercoppa Italiana, with a comfortable 3–0 victory over Lazio (the.

Although the accession of the young monarch was initially regarded auspiciously, his reign saw political instability that culminated in the Colonels'.

does, and mostly, that’s enough to add up to an impressively original, auspiciously idiosyncratic debut, one that scratches away at truths about masculinity.

adversarial, aroused by honor and national pride, and so he began his reign auspiciously with a campaign under the aged Johan Rantzau, which reconquered Dithmarschen.

Tudor, less auspiciously, was the only of them to serve as leader of the opposition.

Of the auspiciously named port we read in the periplus that Eudaemon Arabia was once a full-fledged.

The dynasty thrives auspiciously in the Realm of King Parikṣit.

The Gooding era began auspiciously with the million-selling smash "Everybody Plays the Fool", which hit.

Although the Roman–Parthian War of 161–166 started auspiciously for the Parthians, after the Romans recovered from the first shock and.

His reign began auspiciously with a victory over Vikings who had raided Derry.

Variety called the film "tedious" and said that Temple "does not tee off auspiciously.

Though Lludd's reign starts off auspiciously – he founds "Caer Lludd", later to become London, as in Geoffrey – before.




unpropitiously; inauspiciously;

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