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 বার, বাধা, অন্তরায়, অর্গল, প্রতিবন্ধক, খিল, শুঁড়িখানা, রঙের সরু রেখা, কিছুর লম্বা টুকরা, হুড়কা, গরাদ, গরাদে, গরাদে ঘেরা স্থান, উকিলসভা, ত্তকালতি, আটক, মদখানা, ডাণ্ডা, রঙের সরু ডোরা, মদের দোকান, আলো, উকিল সম্প্রদায়, নদীর পোতাশ্রয়ে বালির চড়া, নদীর মোহানায় চড়া,



bars's Usage Examples:

second-award bars.

In all, 1,220 DSOs have gone to Canadians, plus 119 first bars and 20 second bars.

three-time World silver medalist (2013 and 2014 on vault, 2018 on uneven bars) and a three-time World bronze medalist (2015 on vault, 2013 and 2018 on.

Bars that offer entertainment or live music are often referred to as "music bars", "live venues", or "nightclubs".

Types of bars range from.

Some cookies may also be named by their shape, such as date squares or bars.

including 324 first bars and 18 second bars.

A total of 2,930 were awarded to Australians, in addition to 188 first bars and four second bars.

Waltz 28‒30 bars/min, Tango 31‒33 bars/min, Viennese Waltz 58‒60 bars/min, Slow Foxtrot 28‒30 bars/min, Quickstep 50‒52 bars/min; Samba 50‒52 bars/min, Cha-Cha-Cha.

It includes hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants and bars.

events floor, vault, uneven bars, and beam; and for men (MAG), the events floor, vault, rings, pommel horse, parallel bars, and horizontal bar.

Gay bars once served as the centre of gay culture and were one of the few places people.

two bars, DFC", "DSO and two bars" means that the Distinguished Service Order was awarded on three occasions.

A British convention is to indicate bars by.

have gone to Canadians, including 256 first bars and six second bars.

Of these, 193 crosses and nine first bars were for service with the RAF in World War.

It consists of tuned metal bars and is usually played by holding two or four soft mallets and striking the bars.

It often refers to those submerged ridges, banks, or bars that rise near enough to the surface of a body of water as to constitute.

by various names, such as titty bars, rippers, peelers, skin bars, girly bars, nudie bars, bikini bars or go-go bars.

The uneven bars or asymmetric bars is an artistic gymnastics apparatus.

The bars are made of fiberglass with wood coating.

workplaces, including bars and restaurants; exempts tobacco bars, owner-operated bars, separately ventilated smoking rooms in bars, private clubs with no.

uneven bars at the CoverGirl Classic in Chicago.

Paul, Minnesota, Douglas tied for third on bars and placed.

In rap terminology, 16-bars is the amount of time that rappers are generally given to perform a guest.

set of wooden bars struck with yarn or rubber mallets to produce musical tones.

Resonators or pipes are suspended underneath the bars to amplify their.


bar; exerciser; parallel bars; gymnastic apparatus; uneven parallel bars; uneven bars;


unbar; allow; permit; free; proliferation;

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