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Flood basalts are thick sequences of many such flows that can cover hundreds of thousands.

Many flood basalts have been attributed to the onset of a hotspot reaching the surface of.


Mare basalts are generally grouped into three series based on their major element chemistry: high-Ti basalts, low-Ti basalts, and very-low-Ti.

Mare basalts come in three distinct series in direct relation to their titanium content: high-Ti basalts, low-Ti basalts, and Very Low-Ti (VLT) basalts.

During the middle to late Miocene epoch, the Columbia River flood basalts engulfed about 163,700 km2 (63,200 sq mi) of the Pacific Northwest, forming.

The amounts and types of minerals make the rocks primitive basalts—also called picritic basalts.

Basalts that do not contain normative nepheline are characterized as sub-alkali basalts, which include tholeiitic basalts and calc-alkaline basalts.

composition of basalts found at hotspots differs subtly from mid-ocean-ridge basalts.

These basalts, also called ocean island basalts (OIBs), are analysed.

composed of continental flood basalts, oceanic flood basalts, and diffuse provinces.

The basalts were originally part of a great volcanic plateau called the Thulean Plateau.

northeast South and southeast North America (found as continental tholeiitic basalts in subaerial flows and intrusive bodies).

Trapp (trap) is also used to refer to flood (plateau) basalts, e.

Wyoming, the Devils Postpile in California and the Columbia River flood basalts in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

These dark porphyritic basalts are separated.

continental flood basalts event which includes Tasmanian dolerites, the Karoo Supergroup of southern Africa and the Serra Geral basalts of central South.

continental flood basalts such as the Deccan Traps in India and the Snake River Plain in the United States.

In contrast to continental flood basalts, most igneous.

The olivine-rich picrite basalts that occur with the more common tholeiitic basalts of Kīlauea and other volcanoes of the Hawaiian.

of the Moon gave rise to the eruption of mare basalts on the lunar surface.

Analyses of these basalts indicate that the mantle is composed predominantly.


oligoclase; plagioclase; pyroxene; volcanic rock;

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