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আমেরিকা যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের জাতীয় খেলা,

baseballs's Usage Examples:

great variety in the size, shape, weight, and manufacturing of baseballs.

Early baseballs were made from a rubber core from old, melted shoes, wrapped in.

He claims that he has collected more than 11,000 baseballs from Major League stadiums in North America, including Alex Rodriguez's.

creation of his baseball rubbing mud, used to remove the finish on new baseballs and give better grip and control to the pitcher.

Umpires began taking scuffed baseballs out of play, which doubled the number of baseballs required for a game.

spacious ball parks that limited hitting for power, and, compared to modern baseballs, the ball used then was "dead" both by design and from overuse.

The pitcher or pitching machine pitches baseballs to the batter, who hits them.

A batboy may also lay out the equipment and mud the baseballs to be used in the game.

the same conditions using wooden bats and minor league specification baseballs, experiencing overnight road trips, and playing nightly before fans in.

the outfield fences were positioned further away from home plate and baseballs used in the park have been pre-stored in humidors.

play under the same conditions, using wooden bats and NCAA specification baseballs.

Before the use of rubbing mud, baseballs were rubbed in a mixture of water and infield soil, but this method usually.

the invention of the automated stitching machinery to make standardized baseballs.

under the same conditions using wooden bats, minor league specification baseballs and parks, experiencing overnight road trips and playing nightly before.

assist their hitting teammates by catching or picking up their batted baseballs and throwing them back to the pitching area in the infield.


lime-green alien wearing an Astros jersey with antennae extending into baseballs.

is known throughout Japan for the creation of koinobori (carp kites), baseballs, kendo equipment, and Kazo-udon noodles.


four-hitter; baseball game; ballgame; stickball game; steal; ball; 1-hitter; softball game; 2-hitter; 5-hitter; professional baseball; softball; hardball; rounders; perfect game; three-hitter; no-hit game; two-hitter; five-hitter; ball game; 3-hitter; stickball; one-hitter; no-hitter; 4-hitter;


stand still; fall back; unwind; hardball; softball;

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