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bastardy Meaning in Bengali

 জারজতা, জারজত্ব,


জারজতা, জারজত্ব,

bastardy's Usage Examples:

Conversely, illegitimacy (or bastardy) has been the status of a child born outside marriage, such a child being.

Legally, xenia was a charge of bastardy.

However, in medieval England, there was no single mark of difference for bastardy.

Colonial America bastardy laws were laws, statutes, or other legal precedents set forth by the English colonies in North America.

dealt with matters such as minor theft and larceny, assault, drunkenness, bastardy examinations, arbitration and deciding whether to refer a case to the quarter.

It is rarely possible to confirm biological parenthood, however, (see bastardy) in the case of ancient family lines.

otherwise known as the Special Bastardy Act 1235, provided that except in the case of real actions the fact of bastardy could be proved by trial by jury.

lesser appeal; he described the castle as "an object of indecipherable bastardy – a true monster".

of Sir Edward Stanley, of Hornby Castle, Lancashire, on account of his bastardy, he obtained leave from the Pope to hold his preferments, especially the.

Blaney Harris, dealing with the then shocking subjects of rape, murder, bastardy, abuse of a deaf-mute, bigotry and gossip in a small community.

The Vicar General's Court formerly dealt with affiliation (bastardy) cases, but the jurisdiction was transferred to the High Bailiff in 1921.

his persistence obtained royal letters patent dated 1467 proclaiming the bastardy.

" The idea of Spurio and his character provides the function of "bastardy in the misogynist gender politics of the play.


bar sinister; position; illegitimacy; status;


decline; unsoundness; dryness; tonicity; abnormality;

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