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blackboards Meaning in Bengali


বিদ্যালয়ে লিপির জন্য তক্তা,

blackboards's Usage Examples:

attempted to curb such vandalism by installing in the lavatory large blackboards and providing free chalk; it is hoped that patrons will avail themselves.

The blackboards were tilted to prevent glare for the visually impaired, rooms were designed.

Whiteboards are analogous to blackboards, but with a smoother surface allowing rapid marking and erasing of markings.

When he was 15, he became a crucial figure in an agitation seeking blackboards, chalk and books for his school in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

in a strong material, designed to indicate places on maps, words on blackboards etc.

and practices as compared to traditional presentation media (such as blackboards, whiteboards and flip charts).

bottom, very similar to large wooden drafting compasses used on school blackboards.

building were altered to accommodate smaller students, such as lowered blackboards and bathroom fixtures.

a Delhi Metro bridge with pillars serving as its boundary marker and blackboards painted on a wall of Yamuna Bank Metro Depot.

Three original blackboards still occupy their proper locations.

churches, shacks, and lodges, and have no toilets, water supply, desks, blackboards, etc.

the 1890s and later converted to a school, which now contains original blackboards and school desks.

The curved walls of the downstairs study are lined with blackboards, built to the specification that they should be high enough for the mathematician.

class? Anything but lecturing!" Class time moves away from PowerPoint, blackboards, and whiteboards and is instead devoted to interactive and applied learning—questions.


flat solid; sheet; chalkboard;


uncover; natural object;

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